Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not Your Typical Easter Sunday!

What a fun Easter!
Sunday morning Dave and I woke up, packed up coffee & bagels in a to-go bag, grabbed Lola and went to the "drive-in" church at the lake. Yes, you read that correctly, "drive-in". It was quite an experience! Dave use to go to this church with his grandparents when he was little. I wasn't certain about wearing my PJs to the service, but Dave assured me it was okay. It was a weird feeling sitting in the car, eating bagels, wearing PJs & petting my dog, all while listening to a sermon!!
After church we decided to go on a boat ride. Although the weather was not ideal we still had a fun time! It was a little chili so Lola & I snuggled under a blanket. We only saw two other boats the entire two hours we were on the water!


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