Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last Weekend of Freedom!

Last weekend Dave and I celebrated our "Last weekend of Freedom" A.K.A "Bachelor and Bachelorette parties". We both had a GREAT time!

The bachelorette party was spent downtown St. Louis where we started the day by meeting at a coffee shop and girl talked for a few hours. Then, we moved on to the Bubble Tea for lunch. Once we finished lunch we went to my friend Jennifer Foster's apartment and sat on top of her roof overlooking the city and drank wine. (What a WONDERFUL apartment & view!!) We eventually checked into our hotel, got ready to hit the town and had a fantastic dinner at Eleven Eleven Mississippi. After the dinner we bar hopped.

What a lovely time! I have memories of that day that will last forever. I am truly grateful to have such wonderful friends, sister-n-law and future sister-n-law. Thank you girls!
According to Dave his weekend went extremely well too! He and several of his friends, including his brother Mark, my brother Chris and his father Paul, went to Arkansas for a fly fishing trip. Although the fish did not bite... it was still a fun time! The "Pederson" logo above was made into t-shirts and stickers and everyone at the Bachelor party was given one.


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