Sunday, July 5, 2009

Still Learning

This summer I have been trying to learn how to wake board. I successfully got up on the board for the first time at the end of last summer. All winter long I was excited for the boating season so I could try again. Dave & I have been to the lake every weekend in the last 6 weeks....and every weekend we take out the boat to wakeboard. Those of you who have water skied or wakeboarded should know that it is typical to use muscles that are not used on a daily bases. I would think that my muscles would be use to the work out by now but, it never fails...when I wake up Sunday morning I can barley move! After reviewing a few of the videos which were taken of me wake boarding, I realized why I get so sore! Check this video out...and be certain to watch the fall!



Auburn said...

ouch. that looks like me when i wipe out . . .

Lindsey said...

Yikes...that looks painful! Good for you though! Sorry we missed you this weekend...we did a whole lot of laying low!

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