Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the Move

A quick decision, is usually an unimportant decision. Well that is not the case with us, not when we are about to find ourselves homeless!
Dave & I realized at the beginning of July that the end of our lease to our current housing was approaching. We had no idea where we were going to live in four weeks.

What we did know:
1. We did not want to sign another 12 month lease.
2. We could not afford to buy another home while paying a mortgage every month for our lake condo that still has not sold.

What do we do??
Answer: Buy a place and have somebody else pay for it!!

After pondering for a few days as to what Dave & I should do....that was the answer I came up with.

How do we do that? Answer: Buy a property where others pay you rent, example: duplex, four-plex and so on.

The first call I made was to my old, trusty, commercial realtor (my brother). I asked him if he thought this would be feasible for us.....he in turn thought it was a great idea! After searching for a property in Columbia and not coming up with a THING, my JC REALTOR called and said he had a perfect property. We drove to Jeff City the next day to take a look at the real estate. Sure enough, it was perfect! It was a 4plex with two bedroom units and two of the units had garages (which is a MUST after Dave has been using our second bedroom as a garage...or as he calls it a gear room). To make things even better one of the tenants was moving out that week...so there was a vacancy!!! How perfect.

To make a long story short (or should I say short story short) Dave & I made an offer with a 14 day closing date. That is not much time to pack and get ready to move!

Sunday morning Dave called his brother & sister and asked them to come help us move. Mark, Heidi & Jess came over with bells on and we began throwing stuff in boxes and moving everything in the Uhaul. I have never moved like this, I am usually packed and somewhat organized on moving day, but it was actually kind of nice! Kind of like ripping a band-aid off very quickly! The whole day was painful....but it was over so quick....and now all of our stuff is at our new home--- and the fun part is almost here!!-unpacking & decorating! We officially close on the property Monday....and we are so excited! Stay tuned for pictures! We have not told many people about this move so you, my blogger friends....are some of the first to know.

PS: Thank you Mark, Jess & Heidi, we could
not have done it without you! I know....we owe you BIG time!


Auburn said...

Yeah! So glad everything worked out like it did! And you are back in Jeff, which is perfect!

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