Saturday, May 9, 2009

Full Day of Adventures!

Yesterday was a FULL Day! What can I expect, I did marry Dave Pederson! We woke up Friday morning and headed straight over to hike the Napoli coast trail. It was a BEAUTIFUL, but a little difficult hike. Two miles in and two miles back. The tricky part was the slippery rocks. But Dave and I made it with no injuries! After the hike we went and finished our last two scuba dives which means we are now certified divers!!! We have seen a total of 9 sharks on our dives. Pretty scary... Dave thought it was cool. The deepest we went was 60 feet. I was exhausted last night. Today we are planning on relaxing at the beach and snorkeling.


Auburn said...

So fun!

The Rowden's said...

Looks like you are having a GREAT time! Can't wait to catch up when you get back!

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